History of Mapo Gamjatang

Mapo Gamjatang Restaurant

" 50년 전통의 맛 그대로 "

‘마포감자탕’은 서울시 사당동 남성사계 전통시장 최고의 맛집으로 선정된 ‘마포집’의 3대째 이어온 50년 전통의 맛을 그대로 전수 받은 토론토 감자탕 전문점입니다.

At Mapo Gamjatang, we use the same recipes that have been passed down through three generations and enjoyed by customers for over fifty years at Mapo House, a restaurant located in the Namseongsagye Market in Seoul, renowned for its delicious pork bone soup.

Mapo Gamjatang is proud to continue this tradition by serving the most authentic Korean pork bone soup in Toronto

Front side of Mapo Gamjatang Shop